Turtle Rock Tennis Junior Ladder (All Players Welcome)

Season III Ends:  March 15th,  2014

If you sign up today, season 5 will be included which ends March 15th 2016

Sign Up Today.

Ladder Fee: $40.  (non-refundable)

Next Ranking Update is on  January 19th, 2015

Rules: You must be activated to participate. You can challenge any player ranked up to 5 spots above and you may be challenged by any player ranked 5 spots below. You can challenge the
same player up to TWO times in a calendar month. Players do not have a right to reject a challenge from any player within the 5 spot reach. If for some reason the challenged player shows no intention to accept the challenge, a default win might be processed.

Ranking Procedure: (1) The Challenger beats the player above him in the rankings: (The challenger is moved to the rank of the player he defeated. The other player is moved down one spot (2) The Challenger loses against the player above him in the rankings (The ranking stays the same.)

Format: Flexible format. You schedule your own time and location of the match. Challenger is responsible for bringing the tennis balls. Winner reports the score via email. Only completed matches will be accepted. Ranking is updated once a week. New ranking is posted on Mondays.

How to play: (5 Steps)

(1) Pick the player you would like to challenge.

(2) Contact the player or request the contact info for the player by contacting Turtle Rock Tennis.

(3) Schedule the match with your opponent (Time and place.)

(4) Select the match format:

(a) One set (6 game set, tiebreak at 6:6) Example 6:3

(b) One pro set (8-game set, tiebreak at 7:7) Example 8:4

(c) Two out of three sets (player must win two sets.) Example 2:6, 6:3, 6:4

(Playing ads is optional for any format.)

(5) Report the score to Turtle Rock Tennis via email.


Season 3 Champions (as of 3/15/2014)

No.1 Overall- James Lipscomb

Runner- Up- Luis Moros

Top 10 and under- Maxym Krykunenko

Top 8 and under- Abhishek Rao


Player Ranking

  1. James Lipscomb
  2. Dima Major
  3. Deepika Reddy
  4. Ambarish Rao
  5. Tejas Reddy
  6. Sam Topper
  7. Danny Nguyen
  8. Paul Kim
  9. Ashwin Tripathi
  10. Alina Trinh
  11. Cameron Sepahi
  12. Shane Tower
  13. Amber Rogers
  14. Abhishek Rao
  15. David Zhang
  16. Noah Schneiderman
  17. William Reikenmeyer
  18. Dhanvi Desu
  19. Justin Nugyen
  20. James Tower
  21. Tianxin Guo
  22. Param Desagani
  23. Jonathan Lim
  24. Faraaz Aziz
  25. Ethan Kharrazi
  26. Taylor Tran
  27. Lidia Major
  28. Kevin Nguyen
  29. Amir Guity
  30. Andrew Vogelman
  31. Vikram Srinivasan
  32. Andrew Ke
  33. Alexsandra Rakic
  34. Richmond Nguyen
  35. Olivia Severson
  36. Sophie Kaminsky
  37. Sebastian Jayregui
  38. Thomas Bronikowski
  39. Charles Yates
  40. Elise Romandy
  41. Roy Kim
  42. Jonathan Glantz
  43. Kalyan Nath
  44. Shyam Kannan
  45. Mircea Bumbesti
  46. Paolo Conta
  47. Jimmy Zhang
  48. Alex Yan
  49. Joshua Kim
  50. Nidhi Desu
  51. Amra Barton
  52. Esha Kaur
  53. Robert Beddome
  54. Alec Tam
  55. Annika Thiim
  56. Kenneth Rhee
  57. Jack Mitchell
  58. Avery Wooden
  59. Anna Scott
  60. Brian O’Connor
  61. Joe Hallenback
  62. Barney Ross
  63. Frank Martin