Parent Confirmations: We call these parent confirmations for a reason. We expect to be communicating with you and not your child when confirming for your match. During the season, you will be confirming your childs attendance each week by replying to our team announcement via email which you will receive each Monday. We cannot assume that your child will be attending each match so we created a confirmation system which we have had much success with.
Team Announcements and how they work: As soon as you have receive your team announcement on Monday, you will be asked to confirm your childs attendance anytime between Monday through Thursday to assure your child a spot on that weeks lineup.
Why we ask you to confirm between Mon -Thurs: Because on Friday afternoon, Coach Ross will compose the new player lineup for your team. (We rotate our players to give them fair chance to succeed.) If we do not have your confirmation at that time, there is a chance that your child will not be in the lineup. Every child who attends their tennis match will play one or more official matches that day. No player sits policy. If you confirm and attend your match, you will be expected to play in that lineup.
Turtle Rock Tennis Website: There is a special section on our site for our Tennis Teams. Go to our website and you will see your new tennis team page created for you. Notice that it may be slightly different or much different from the official match schedule that the league has provided for you. This is normal. Due to the number of teams that we have, we have lots of adjustments that we need to make in the schedule. This continues throughout the season. The changes that we make with the opposing teams and coordinators are not always revised on the official league schedule provided by usta. Please be sure to obtain all of your match information from our Turtle Rock Tennis website. Confirm each week to allow for a smooth team tennis season. We promise you that we try our very best to double check with each of your opponents to clarify changes at their facility which allows us to provide you with the most accurate information. Information such as time, location and directions to your match.
All schedules are subject to change: Schedules do change and special conditions may apply to your match. For example, certain tennis clubs may have particular instructions when entering their facility. You will receive this information on your Team announcement that Monday.
Your Captain and You: It is a good idea to be familiar with how to print out a blank scorecard, in the case that your team parent captain is absent from your away match. You may be asked to print out a blank scorecard and assist your captain by bringing it to the Coach of the opposing team or facility. Keep in mind that Coach Ross and Coach Lanea are only present at the home matches where the Team Parent Captain is released of his or her responsibilities. The more communication you have with your parent captain the better. Should you have any questions, please feel free to communicate with us via email as often as you like and we will do our best to acknowledge your requests as quickly as possible.
How you can help us help you:. Just by following the program, you will be informed and all can be smooth. If one child on the lineup has confirmed and did not show up, this can affect the entire team. Please show up on time and if you are late you contact your Captain immediately with the contact information that we have provided to you for this purpose.
When you go away for a match: It is required by the league that there is a Tennis Pro or Coach on site who is familiar with the scoring and running the match. They should be able to assist you with basic questions and if there is not a Pro or Coach running your away match, please inform us as this is a league requirement. If this is your first team tennis season, please be advice that it is only your team parent captain who is allowed to talk with the players during the tennis match. And, only during a changeover. Sorry parents, but there is no side line coaching allowed. “Not at all.” You may cheer and clap for your child and team and is nice to do so for your opponents as well.
100% Is All About The Attitude! This is always, every single time and there are no exceptions. The thing we see most often is when a player is on the court playing their match and after every other ball hit, they look at the parents for suggestion, approval, recommendation and more. This is absolutely, unacceptable to us. We work hard with these players to learn how to work on their own match. If we see this, we will stop it. This situation does not help your child learn to play a tennis match on their own at all. If the player is not able to play a match completely on their own from start to finish, they should not be playing on our team. We are confident that our players are ok alone in their match. We are there if they get stuck with the score, and we also help them run a tie break if their match comes to a tie. There are set of Player guidelines that we will provide to you relating to situations on court during a match. Please see guidelines or ask us for them. Thank you. We ask that you support our policy and inform us if you see something that we do not.
Sportsmanship: it’s real simple We are absolutely 100% about good sportsmanship in Jr Team Tennis. We will not tolerate or accept any negative comments or behaviors in our program. You have been invited to play and represent the Turtle Rock Tennis Team and program.This goes for all of our Coaches, assistants, players, parents, captains and fans. It will not work with us! Please help us to continue this attitude and we always appreciate your feedback. Should you observe any such behavior from our players, spectators or anyone at our matches that could affect our players tennis game, confidence, experience or program please let us know.
Please be responsible: If the players are on the court during their match, we will be coaching as well as supporting your child. It is a great idea to have someone either on your team or if it be your team parent captain know of your Childs whereabouts. Please arrange this ahead of time. You are in charge of making that happen. A little bit about our team parent captains… Our captains are volunteers and are a huge assistance to the coaches and without them, we would not be organized. Please be supportive to your team captain’s requests. Please note*It is important to understand that you are responsible for your child at all times. This goes for all home and away matches.
Player Information: (Please see player site and click on match scorecard) ask us if you need direction on this. This page will allow you to view the official match schedule, team roster, obtain blank scorecards and view your child’s current statistics. This is great for the players to see how they are doing individually as a player, as well as introducing them to how the scores are computed and entered as a team.
Turtle Rock Tennis Team: Getting these players out there and allowing them to start utilizing their practice skills and techniques produces not only great players but players who want to play and who like to play. So, we do not want them to just want to win, we want them to develop their game and start winning their game!
How We Can Help Them To Achieve Their Goal: Our main goal is to continue to develop our young players and allow them as much experience as we possibly can. For some introducing them to match play and providing the opportunity to better themselves through tennis. For others, to improve their tennis game and to play at the high school level or on the High School team. As far as our tournament players, to continue to advance.
Practice: Team Turtle Rock does not require practice days to play for our team. However, most all of our players are currently enrolled and stay enrolled in one or more of our group tennis classes or private lessons and train with us all year round. We strongly encourage you to join us.
Hope this information was helpful to you and just let us know if there is anything that we can do to make your season more enjoyable. Thank you for joining Turtle Rock Tennis Team. We look forward to a great 2012 season!
Coach Ross and Coach Lanea


Below are guidelines for you to follow during your matches.
• Introduce yourself to your opponent.
• Compete at your highest level all of the time and let the chips fall where they may. Your self-esteem is not linked to the outcome of the match.
• Be proud of yourself for competing.
• A ball that is 99% out is 100% in. When in doubt, always give the point to your opponent.
• If you make an error on a call, correct it right away.
• During the warm-up, hit with control and warm-up all of your strokes. This is not the time to hit the ball away from your opponent. (Save your winners for when it counts!)
• It is the server’s responsibility to clearly call the set score before the start of the game and the game score before the start of each point. If the server does not call the score, the receiver should confirm the score so there is no misunderstanding.
• After each point, return the balls to the server; not at or away from him or her. If the server already has two balls, you should hold on to the third one, unless they ask for it.
• If the serve is a let, the receiver should return the ball back to the server and not wait for the server to retrieve another ball.
• Any out or let calls must be made right away. If you wait until the end of the point, the point stands as played.
• Conduct yourself in a manner that makes the match enjoyable for your opponent.
• Avoid conflict with your opponent by concentrating on what you are doing. How are you going to play the next point? Are you breathing regularly and deeply? These things eliminate negative energy.
• If you respond to negative energy from your opponent, you create conflict.
• Swearing, racket throwing, abuse of the facility and court equipment, and gamesmanship will not be tolerated.
• Play the best you can today and you are a winner.
• Always shake hands with your opponent. If you have anything to say, make it positive. Do not put down your opponent or your own playing.
Have Fun!: Always remember that tennis is a great game and a lot of fun. You’re out there to have fun. Enjoy yourself!

Below are guidelines for you to follow during your children’s matches.
• Remember, tennis is just a game. While you may want your child’s skills to improve, you also want your child to enjoy the game. It’s a game for lifetime.
• Don’t put pressure on your child to win. Instead, create a supportive environment in which your child wants to improve his or her game.
• When your child has a private lesson with a pro, consider watching it from a distance in order to give your child and the pro some space.
• Make sure that your child knows the “rules of the game,” and what he or she may and may not do during a match.
• Never call the lines or the score for your child during a match. Let your child call the lines and the score. It is his or her responsibility to do so.
• Don’t coach your child during a match.
• You should be supportive of and encourage your child, but allow your child to make his or her own on court decisions for the development of the “person.”
• Don’t applaud or cheer when your child’s opponent makes a mistake during the point or double faults. Applaud all good points for both sides.
• Treat your child the same way whether he or she wins or loses.
• Have fun watching your child play.
• Look relaxed, calm, positive and energized on the sidelines. Your attitude will help the child play better.
• Let the coach do the coaching. Too much input can confuse the player.
• Be there when your child loses or gets discouraged. Be an understanding listener, not a fixer.
• At the same time, give the child some space when he or she loses. Your child will want to be alone for a while, and then he or she will be okay. Chances are he or she will not want to talk about the match in the car on the way home.
• Keep your sense of humor. When you laugh and have fun, your child’s stress level takes a big drop.
• Encourage your child to pursue realistic dreams and make sure you are not living out your dreams through his or her tennis.
• Treat your child as an individual instead of comparing his or her progress with that of other children.
• Use only positive motivation.